My Project, By Yader Jahat González C.

                                      My Project
This project is one of the funniest and unique that I have done in all my years in this school, I liked the other projects,  they were very good too,  I clearly not saying that the other projects had been bad, not at all, just that none of them compares to this one. I not only had fun but I also learned and reaffirmed knowledge that I had forgotten, and I faced my fear of speaking in public.

If you ask me that if I would recommend this project for other activities, I would say Yes,  because it is funny and the most important of all, you can learn a lot.

When the teacher told me about the project, I was a little surprised, because I never imagined that the project was like this, but surprisingly it was the best they have done and I’ve seen.

To finish, I only would like to say that it is the best of all the projects and I hope they continue doing more projects like this one. 

Yader Jahat González C.
Student  of 6th. Semester.


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